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ATHENA Finance & Accounting is is a specialized division of ATHENA Consulting, an award winning, women-owned firm with a national presence in 23 states and with a 20-year history of success! We LOVE what we do and are dedicated to delivering results with unparalleled service, blending the scale of a national powerhouse with the personalized touch of a boutique agency.

We do things differently. Our approach embodies agility, transparency, and precision. While many of our staffing competitors are bogged down by excessive layers of management and infrastructure, we keep it simple and straightforward. We’re proud to operate as a flat organization, which means no unnecessary hierarchy or red tape. We prioritize efficiency and direct communication to better serve you.

While other staffing firms might have a revolving door of employees, we’re all about building high trust relationships. We handpick our team of experienced F&A recruiters ensuring they’re not simply great at what they do—they have a genuine LOVE for what they do.

How do we make sure of that?

By offering above-market compensation and empowering them with the autonomy to operate like true entrepreneurs. Because when our team is fulfilled and motivated, they’re committed for the long haul, ensuring you receive unwavering consistency and reliability, every step of the way.

Agility • Transparency • Precision


All ATHENA employees—whether they work in the corporate office or are located at a client site—are all part of One ATHENA. Everyone employed is offered benefits, and we instill a positive workplace culture that results in great morale. Fair and consistent treatment of employees in the workplace builds trust, deepens loyalty, and spurs productivity. A commitment to fair treatment at work enhances the reputation of the company and helps with recruitment of top talent.

Strategies for achieving workplace fairness:

  • Articulated expectations of fairness
  • Well-written policies
  • Commitment to equitable practices
  • Unbiased, consistent enforcement of rules.
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